What is a Team ?

A team is a group of users in the game. Members of a team can comminucate easily via private messages and can communicate to the rest of the community via the team homepage.
many features will be added starting with a team ranking.

How does it work ?

A team has at least one administrator that can :
Accept new members that asked to join the team. Exclude members. Add other administrators to help him with this tasks. Warning, an administrator can't exclude another adinistrator.

How do I join a Team ?

To join a Team, you have to send a request thanks to a form that you'll find on the Team homepage ( Team listing ).
Joining a Team is only available to users with a Gold account
You can belong to only one Team at a time. If you wish to join another team, you must leave the current one first.

How do I leave my Team ?

You only have to go on your account edition page and select the 'Team' tab. Then just click on the button 'Leave this team'.