What is that ?

Premium account is a kind of account limited in time with more features than the default account you created in the first place.

What are the benefits ?

Visitor Member Gold
unlimited playing Feature_0 Feature_1 Feature_2
category selection Feature_0 Feature_1 Feature_2
scoring Feature_1 Feature_2
team scoring Feature_2
no ads during game Feature_2
Read the Forum Feature_0 Feature_1 Feature_2
Write in the Forum Feature_1 Feature_2
Profile and wall posts Feature_1 Feature_2
Themes for profile and team pages Feature_2
Private messaging Feature_2
Form a Team Feature_2
Chat during game Feature_2
Song requests Feature_1 Feature_2
Vote for items Feature_1 Feature_2

How do I get my Premium account ?

The Gold account is a paying account for a limited time (from 3 weeks to 6 months). Once you have signed up a free account you will find on the account edit page a link to the Gold refill page.

What is a Gold coupon ?

The Gold coupon allows you to make a gift to a friend or relative. You can buy it via PayPal for 2 or 6 months. Once the payment is acknowledged you will receive a mail containing a code that you can give to the person of your choice. This code can then be entered on the Gold refill page to activate the Gold features for the account.