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Belette ☼

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Stacy ≧◔◡◔≦ Stacy ≧◔◡◔≦ 3 days ago (history)
Whoo (wipes brow) those were some awesome games. Wore me out. You were on a roll today! The playlists were kind to you. I had a bit of a fit when I typed David Bowie's "Absolute Beginner" 300 times and it would not take and come to find out I left off the (s) for Beginner(s) plural. How ridiculous. Sometimes the game will take a complete mess of typos from me that make no sense whatsoever and then other times, it is very fickle about what is typed. It can be frustrating, to me anyway. LOL!

Well, it was great fun as usual. Hope to see you for some more fun this weekend. Be good!
Half-Welsh Half-Welsh 3 days ago (history)
coucou Belette,

Ca fait un siecle que je suis pas venu, toujours aussi forte ;-)

Bonne nuit si on ne se revoit pas !
Stacy ≧◔◡◔≦ Stacy ≧◔◡◔≦ 4 days ago (history)
Hey there! Were you having sound issues? You must have been because I don't think you would have missed "I love the way you lie"? That is just awful and it happens to me a lot too. I had the sound cut out on a few songs but was able to hear enough to know what they were. Well, you beat me on a game anyway. So we are tied right now and next game we will try to break the tie. LOL

Also, I seem to recall that the song "Lean On" only had Major Lazer for the artist and now we have to add DJ Snake and MO. I remembered the DJ Snake this time but not MO. What is up with that? Is it a 2nd song that has entered with that for the artist or was the original song changed by a mod? Usually, we vote on that kind of stuff in the forum, especially, when the song has been in the game for a while. I am a bit annoyed about that. I am not sure that the playlist is being watched closely enough for duplicate songs that can enter when there is a slight title difference. If the title is exactly the same, the game picks up on it but not when there are differences. The Mods are supposed to keep an eye out and we are supposed to flag them if we discover them. I would guess there are two songs unless a mod took it upon him/herself to change it without a discussion on the forum. Hmmm....I am on a mission to find out. ლ(•‿•ლ)

Ok, my friend, I am off for now but I hope when we meet again (very soon, like tomorrow, haha) that neither one of us experiences any bugs. See you later.
Kozlowski Kozlowski 4 days ago (history)
McCree McCree 5 days ago (history)
Ha? Je n'ai rien vu/reçu, décidément...
Stacy ≧◔◡◔≦ Stacy ≧◔◡◔≦ 6 days ago (history)
LOL! I was not being gentle. I think there was only one game where I got ahead a bit on points due to several older songs that played. Other than that, I think the games were pretty close. I consider you great competition, let's just put it that way. The playlist isn't always kind to me either. If there are any foreign songs during the game, you can be sure that I will fail on most of them. It is always fun to play you and that is what matters, to me anyway. I see you playing now so I am going to join you!
Stacy ≧◔◡◔≦ Stacy ≧◔◡◔≦ 7 days ago (history)
Hello Bellette, No problem...I was ready to quit playing too. I was glad we were able to meet up for a few games. It is always a tight match whenever we play. I hope to see you very soon!!
MJᴸᴳ FRDS MJᴸᴳ 8 days ago (history)
Brav♥ pour ce nouveau record en hits :)
McCree McCree 9 days ago (history)
Je ne t'ai pas oublié, j'attends juste que tu te lèves des excuses
kokuouheika kokuouheika 10 days ago (history)
MJᴸᴳ FRDS MJᴸᴳ 11 days ago (history)
McCree McCree 13 days ago (history)
Et pourquoi pas? Tu aurais très bien pu présenter tes plus plates excuses et m'offrir à minima ton poisson en compensation. La princesse et la te vois venir, n'essaie de pas de transformer notre joute verbale en conte de fée !
Je te laisse reprendre la patte, à plus tard.
McCree McCree 14 days ago (history)
Tu penses la gagner celle là?

Mais oui tout a fait! D'ailleurs je me demande si ce n'est pas toi qui a volé mon café ce matin. J'en suis sur même !

Tu voudrais pas changer de registre et tenter la demi-mesure? Je suis sur que ça passerait mieux.
McCree McCree 14 days ago (history)
Pas faux, mais il n'est pas nécessaire d'employer des superlatifs à tout va (accroc, traumatisé, pleurniché...) pour amplifier, je ne me suis pas "insurgé" non plus. Ca a visiblement mauvais caractère une belette.
McCree McCree 14 days ago (history)
Pas la peine d'être désagréable, je fais un simple constat. Bon jeu