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Josh "Piggy" Assneaker Josh "Piggy" Assneaker about 1 month ago (history)
hhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaa blacki t'as trollé
Renoi FragiIe Renoi FragiIe about 1 month ago (history)
Bonjour Pétasse, j'espère que tu vas bien.

Je viens vers toi pour une requête. J'ai soumis une idée pour lutter contre le trolling sur le forum mais que je ne peux rendre visible actuellement à cause de ce qui se passe actuellement.

Je te soumets l'idée ici, qui me semble être une bonne idée pour dissuader le troll sur le forum, en espérant que vous pourriez la prendre en considération si vous trouvez que ceci est faisable et respectable pour le forum.

Passes une bonne fin de journée poufiasse!
fcb hühnchen fcb hühnchen about 1 month ago (history)
:) Before I write now that I’m happy to be back to size 36 meanwhile (which was probably not meant :): What’s a DNMAY-list? By the way: I actually don’t like the rankings, only look at the daily one sometimes, but actually it’s a good idea! Kiss
fcb hühnchen fcb hühnchen about 1 month ago (history)
Hi dear! Sorry for the late answer, still wanted to play one 80s. Good games! I was lucky with the games we’ve played, wasn’t that lucky afterwards (far away from perfect, but you’re sweet). You're still the best! I like to exhaust you :). It’s good the „chicken song“! Not so much so say neither (but you know...). Kisses love
♫ Corentin ♫ ♫ Corentin ♫ about 1 month ago (history)

If you want to vote ( you do as you want ) for my candidacy to be a moderator, it's here :

Thank you.
fcb hühnchen fcb hühnchen about 1 month ago (history)
And I’m happy you didn’t laugh about my „planophobia“ :). See you love, kiss
fcb hühnchen fcb hühnchen about 1 month ago (history)
I’ve noticed (and I’ve told you it’s cruel!). I like the way you keep „suspense“ (and of course riddles: … Your telephone number? My clothes size from 1995 to 2002? :), you’re sweet)
fcb hühnchen fcb hühnchen about 1 month ago (history)
PPS: And don’t worry, I won’t ask for your e-mail, it was just to say that I’ve problems to talk about private things in public (and you know I’ve my boyfriend and my “distant virtual love” :), so I’ll care for “not crossing the border” anyway)
fcb hühnchen fcb hühnchen about 1 month ago (history)
PS: I’m totally aware of the fact, that if someone wanted to manipulate another person, he’d probably not actually tell him or her :) (it’s as stupid as the whole thing)
fcb hühnchen fcb hühnchen about 1 month ago (history)
Hi, my dear. Some things I wanted to say to you regarding your last messages: (by the way with e-mails everything would be much easier, I really have my problems writing private things in public, but then you’re not only smarter, but also tougher and more courageous than me). Which brings me to the point: As you know, I’m a chicken chicken. And you can of course write whatever you want to, it’s only my own personal problem, when totally normal words like “plan” trigger a kind of “flight reflex” or “defense reaction” in me (before I’ve made this joke on manipulation and in addition misinterpreted your answer on that also). Actually I didn’t even understand the contexts of the sentences the word was used in!!! So I start to panic as soon as someone says “plan" - and it’s my own fault. My “plan” before we met again was to go on like I did the time before, I actually really enjoyed my “quiet life” with no talks and contacts and two or three games every other week, being happy to ignore my profile and all of that. As you know, if possible, I try not to get into problems and also don’t want to cause any problems for others (but I probably do anyway), so staying on my own and "hiding" from the “outside world” is actually a good solution for me. And then we met again and now you’re the best thing that happened to me too this year and a very dear person for me as well. Even though, of course, I still think, it would be better for you if you avoided me. Which would be by now a problem for me, but if so, I’d probably sooner or later deal with it. Actually I can cope well with such things, so I don’t know why I am so suspicious, I’m actually no suspicious person at all. I think it’s somehow our nature not to be suspicious. To cut a long story short: I also wish we could forget all this and go on like before, but that’s up to you. Lots of love and kisses
fcb hühnchen fcb hühnchen about 1 month ago (history)
I don’t think at all it’s stupid, there’s a chicken in it! I also had a lot of fun with the new Tampert :). And I don’t believe at all that you’ve meant I play like shit in Wave. Have a good night too, love
fcb hühnchen fcb hühnchen about 1 month ago (history)
Hi dear! Bravoooo for your 84!!! You had some pretty impressive games. I stop now, late again. So in case you really meant that I play like shit in Wave, you at least wouldn‘t be completely wrong :). Anyway not knowing most of it gives me time to delete messages from my profile :P. (I just don’t see the point in talking so much, when there’s nobody listening!). I’ll tell you some day what my second guess was on point 1), when I thought your „4 common things list“ was a riddle :). I really enjoyed those games. See you, big kiss (and sorry for everything, you‘re really sweet, I loved your „don’t know so much about you“-list)
Josh "Piggy" Assneaker Josh "Piggy" Assneaker about 1 month ago (history)
ask caniche for the notice mate
fcb hühnchen fcb hühnchen about 1 month ago (history)
I just noticed the last comment may sound kind of „hostile“ again, without me wanting it ...
fcb hühnchen fcb hühnchen about 1 month ago (history)