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fcb hühnchen fcb hühnchen 26 days ago (history)
Of course you don’t bore me, dear, I would have asked how Antwerpen was anyway. So that was the unusal thing! What a crazy story: A guy who goes from Amsterdam to Amsterdam by bike inspires you to go from Holland to Belgium by bike? And on your way back home everything goes wrong that possibly can go wrong and you’re still as euphoric! So 1) the concert must have been really unbelievable, 2) you’re an amazing person. Anyway it sounds like a real adventure. And I’m happy for you that it was so great (and that you got back home at all after all that happened :)). By the way I think there must be a really interesting audience at Bob Dylan concerts! See you, love, kusje
fcb hühnchen fcb hühnchen 29 days ago (history)
Hihi :). No, I really think you’re good there! It’s no wonder that you have such a good team, happy that it was so sucessful and so much fun. In fact it’s easier to be the pursuer, I can play Wave quite stressless, but in 80s I’m a bit under pressure (especially as I often don’t find some „easy“ ones and there are so many new titles, I’ll never manage to learn all that). It was easier in the old days, you could do quite well with the „Michel? Francois? Jean? Alain?...“ method :). Good night, dear and as I said: Have big kiss and a great time tomorrow
fcb hühnchen fcb hühnchen 29 days ago (history)
I'm a bit overchallenged with the French titles in 80s now :)
fcb hühnchen fcb hühnchen 29 days ago (history)
Maybe you are :) (I’ve stopped to try and understand everything, but it’s also fun to try to find out). I’ve already told you that you have a talent for creating suspense. So you did one quiz, how was it? I’m curious what the unusual thing will be (if it happens :)). I know you don’t need 80s at the moment and you have already two 80s specialists in your team, but I think you’d do well as 80s specialist as well (just to let you know, not to manipulate you). Kisses love
fcb hühnchen fcb hühnchen 29 days ago (history)
I wouldn’t want to settle on a method, but I also think that reception theory isn’t the worst choice. Let’s say we were characters in a Bob Dylan inspired theatre play: Although there seems to be a lot of ambiguity in the lyrics and song titles I’m sure that it’s nice to be B :). It would be interesting to know your reasons for the rest of you. Perhaps I could see why A and D would have something in common. And I know you had some kind of problems with Go once (I wonder why), but I’m a bit surprised you mention him in one sentence with satan :). I already had to read your last comment 3 times til I got it (it went better, when I got „DM“ :)). E. g. I still don’t understand what made last year’s start so horrible that it’s worse than this one :). I don’t know if I got the thing with the quizzes (you did one and planned to do another that wasn’t realised?) and what „maybe we do something unusual“ means, but then I don’t have to understand everything :). Kisses dear, hope you have/had (depending on when you read that) a great time
fcb hühnchen fcb hühnchen about 1 month ago (history)
I never provoke people to say something dirty!, it’s all voluntarily :). By the way what does „I have ideas for tomorrow, but i don't think i get 4 more people interested“ mean? (That’s not quite strategically well placed right now, but I lack of ideas for putting some more sentences between those two :)). I know, rubber deer doesn’t sound quite right :), I think the correct term is 3D animals, but that still sounds pretty strange …! Küsschen (you’re sweet)
Josh "Piggy" Assneaker Josh "Piggy" Assneaker about 1 month ago (history)
t'es entouré de pouffes qui te veulent vieux porc dégueulasse
fcb hühnchen fcb hühnchen about 1 month ago (history)
:). I don’t think you want to see a chicken shooting a rubber deer with a longbow that’s almost it’s own height (it looks quite silly!). Moreover as I know you don’t eat chickens, so probably no dead rubber deers either :). I like the BDATMMQ. As I said I don’t know anything about Bob Dylan at all, but I think he’s probably got some beautiful lyrics. Generally you’ve got a lot to look forward to these days: Dylan, music quizzes … (is it the one with the strange instruments? :). See you, dear, kusje (I like the small kisses too, in fact it sounds sweet – and somehow tasty, but maby it’s just me :), I also like „Küsschen“ in German, you never know how many they are :))
fcb hühnchen fcb hühnchen about 1 month ago (history)
Nice to play some games together in the 80s again. I think last time we did this you were practicing for a real life 80s quiz. Is there anything like that to come again? It’s gotten really hard, hasn’t it? I need much more practice there, lots of new titles and a lot I’ve forgotten (my parents have this „evergreen“ radio station running all the time and listenig to it during easter I was a bit shocked how many very popular 80s songs I’ve forgotten meanwhile). But actually I even prefer Wave a bit at the moment (it’s a bit more predictable :)). Big kiss and a good night, love
fcb hühnchen fcb hühnchen about 1 month ago (history)
fcb hühnchen fcb hühnchen about 1 month ago (history)
Hi, dear! Wave?
fcb hühnchen fcb hühnchen about 1 month ago (history)
Hi love, glad to hear it was so exciting! Happy for you also that you have the opportunity to go again on Monday. I must admit, it’s not what I listen to normally, but actually Bob Dylan is nothing to be scared about, is it? :) I don’t know much about his music, but I can imagine it’s even quite different to hear him live. I often think it’s very likable, when people are really passionate about something, may it be music or other things (I often have the feeling my „passions“ are more like obsessions). I can’t imagine at all that your first 15 years „were almost without music“, you’re getting more and more interesting! Actually nothing new from me. I’ve tried some achery during easter (to extend my range of sports :)), but nothing to go on with. Much work this week (job, side job, housework…), so probably won’t play much, sad weather moreover (not too motivating for anything :)). Maybe we meet anyway sometime. Kusje. PS: It’s funny, that it‘s „chicken skin“ :)
fcb hühnchen fcb hühnchen about 1 month ago (history)
So, how was it? Hope, you had a great time and send you some kisses by the way
♪ Morgane ♫ ♪ Morgane ♫ about 1 month ago (history)
fils de chienne
Des GueuIis Jones Des GueuIis Jones about 1 month ago (history)
Salut jeune homme, à très vite sur le jeux mon tout beau ^^