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A little bit Dramatic ♥

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15 885
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30 075
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Kozlowski Kozlowski 8 days ago (history)
have you found my lost ball ? spit it away please chick
Adi90 Adi90 24 days ago (history)

Thanks for your positive vote on my moderator request.

See you.
VaLD. VaLD. 25 days ago (history)
Selfie #1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGLcT1GaYrU

Selfie #2

Selfie #3
I&S I&S 3 months ago (history)
I&S I&S 3 months ago (history)
Slihf Chk Slihf 3 months ago User_orange (history)
Sorry but I don't know... maybe it's because songs that are not in other categories are blocked. Let's hope this bug will be fixed with the new admins.
Noel. Noel. 4 months ago User_orange (history)
No one has deleted any request in either pop or hits in the last few weeks, I think you're mistaken.
ManonAngel ManonAngel 5 months ago (history)
Cher petits dindons amateur de concombres,

Je vous remercie pour cette attention que vous me portez, pour ce temps passé et ce mal que vous vous donnez.

Cependant j’ai le regret de vous annoncer que les insultes venant de parfaits inconnus sur internet n’ont malheureusement aucun crédit à mes yeux, je suis sincèrement navré :(

Cela dit, vous êtes bien entendu libre de continuer à perdre votre temps si vous aimez ça :), surtout qu'il est plus rapide pour moi d’effacer vos messages que pour vous de les écrire.

En vous souhaitant un bon glougloutement :)
wiLL; wiLL; 7 months ago (history)
Slihf Chk Slihf 8 months ago User_orange (history)

Site works now. You can suggest it again if you want :)
Neil  Neil  8 months ago (history)
Hey lay off Stacy!! She can vote however she feels whether they are songs that are old or not!! We all have that right to vote our conscience. Don't judge. You have the right to vote how you feel! correct? Just deal with it.
Bobberta II -Fuu- Bobberta II 8 months ago (history)
I think Ke$ha used way more than 2 accounts to vote... :) I'm only trying to prevent an unwanted disaster.
Stacy ≧◔◡◔≦ Stacy ≧◔◡◔≦ 9 months ago (history)
Why are you reading things as if what I say is all about you? I am most certainly not even thinking about you when I have asked about the things you mentioned. I already told you that I asked Noel about requesting the deleted songs because I wanted to also request some of them. I was only double checking with him because I did not want to see those requests get deleted later. I was totally happy to see the songs you were requesting. And for your information, I probably vote for 99% of your requests, so no I was not talking about you requesting too much or any one person in general. I have just noticed that there have been some people who have really gone overboard and are requesting tons of songs at one time. Some of them are unknown as well as multiple songs by the same artist, including lesser well-known songs. This to me is completely unnecessary.

So please do not turn on me and make me out to as some kind of Old Hag who only wants old songs in Hits. I have been voting on whether or not the song had good charts, how big of a hit I remember it as and if I still might hear it periodically. I vote to delete anything I think doesn't belong. I see that you also request some older songs in both Hits and Pop. I guess it is ok if you do, though? Why is that? Because they are songs that YOU know? If you ever bother to look at anything I request, you would notice that I almost always select newer, modern songs. I don't happen to be stuck in the 80's as you might think and I don't appreciate how you are talking to me. I have never said anything bad about you and whatever you are reading and thinking is about you, you are way off base. Not everything is about you. And just because I vote differently than you, does not give you the right to talk to me that way. I would prefer you don't talk to me at all if you are just so disappointed in me. Seems like you just want to have conflict and I absolutely do not want that at all.
Laganja ♥ Laganja ♥ 9 months ago (history)
Miga tu adora um barraco hein
Sossega esse cu
Bobberta. Chk Bobberta. 9 months ago (history)

It's true, I stopped voting... Honestly, I trust Noel. I think he's doing the right thing for the category. You should trust him too! He's no Corentin.. He doesn't favor any point of view, which may be frustrating at first, but really it's one of his strengths !