Paleisje Zwijsje

Paleisje Zwijsje

Last connection 6 days ago
Joined January 2016
a man, 22 years old, Netherlands
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17 414 at the general ranking
1865 points ( 1386 games , 10 perfects )
best game 1 / 6 players | 84 points Wed Oct 26, 09pm
1500 points ( 1 games )
best game 1 / 1 players | 5 points Wed Feb 03, 04pm
1500 points ( 1 games )
best game 1 / 1 players | 15 points Wed Feb 03, 04pm
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best game 1 / 1 players | 17 points Tue Oct 18, 03pm
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♫ Corentin ♫ ♫ Corentin ♫ 29 days ago (history)

If you want to vote ( you do as you want ) for my candidacy to the "Hits" moderation ( among others ) it's here :

Thank you.
GertBSimplyTheBest GertBSimplyTheBest about 1 month ago (history)

goed gespeeld van u! Proficiat!
Tot binnenkort eens!
Stacy ≧◔◡◔≦ Stacy ≧◔◡◔≦ 6 months ago (history)
Hi there! Yes, indeed, those were some close and fun games! I love it when so many great players are playing. It can be very exciting, never knowing who will come out on top.

Rainy night for Halloween so no trick or treaters! More candy for me though! LOL See you later!
Suzie Q Suzie Q 6 months ago (history)
Hallo Paleisje Zwijsje,
Ja, inderdaad je speelt ook heel goed en vaak zie ik;) Je moet hier wel veel spelen anders ben je snel alles vergeten vooral de nieuwe songs, ik ken beter de oudere songs;)
Goede avond nog in Tilburg, ik ga vaker naar de Efteling leuk park;)
Alembic 53 'VO Alembic 53 'VO 6 months ago (history)
Stacy ≧◔◡◔≦ Stacy ≧◔◡◔≦ 6 months ago (history)
Yeah, today was a lot of never knew who would come out on top, depending on the playlist. You have become a very strong player. I remember you playing awhile back but I think you took a break? I am glad you are back because you give some excellent competition. I am looking forward to more games with you!
MJᴸᴳ FRDS MJᴸᴳ 6 months ago (history)
You are getting better and better and better... Congratulations :) :)
GertBSimplyTheBest GertBSimplyTheBest 7 months ago (history)
Dank je wel! Jij speelt anders ook heel aardig! Het is al een paar keer heel spannend geweest. Tot binnenkort eens!
beeemr beeemr about 1 year ago (history)
ey joh