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Stacy ≧◔◡◔≦

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Joined April 2015
a woman, United States
"She had the face of an angel Smiling with sin A body of Venus with arms"
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1 106 at the general ranking
Classic Rock
2125 points ( 1216 games , 664 perfects )
best game 1 / 12 players | 84 points Wed Dec 21, 10pm
Old Hits
1570 points ( 42 games )
best game 1 / 4 players | 79 points Fri Aug 07, 01am
1590 points ( 109 games , 2 perfects )
best game 1 / 3 players | 84 points Sun Oct 11, 02am
2127 points ( 1712 games , 390 perfects )
best game 1 / 17 players | 84 points Sun Jan 31, 01am
1 697
Pop, Rock
1595 points ( 118 games )
best game 1 / 7 players | 68 points Sun Apr 24, 02am
1504 points ( 2 games )
best game 1 / 2 players | 16 points Wed Mar 30, 12am
1498 points ( 1 games )
best game 2 / 2 players | 32 points Thu Nov 17, 09pm


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MJᴸᴳ FRDS MJᴸᴳ 3 days ago (history)
You, not Yuu, obviously... but hey the important word was LOOOOOOOOVE so... :D :D :D
MJᴸᴳ FRDS MJᴸᴳ 3 days ago (history)


♫ Corentin ♫ ♫ Corentin ♫ 3 days ago (history)
I have reported about twenty songs that are absolutely not hits ( no charts, not known ) in moderation for the next moderation, we will see.
_ELo_ _ELo_ 5 days ago (history)
I thought I would be alone** grrrr ;)
_ELo_ _ELo_ 5 days ago (history)
I thought I xould be alone*
_ELo_ _ELo_ 5 days ago (history)
Hello Stacy,
How are you ?
They were my first games (2) and it was fun, fun, fun to play with you ! I thought I'll be alone in the room. But, now, it's time to go to bed because the alarm clock rings in 6 hours :/
See you soon my friend :*
DarIene_ DarIene_ 6 days ago (history)
jeth. jeth. 7 days ago (history)
hello my friend... why don't you come over to the 60's now and then? I know there's a lot of french music there but there are so many goodies too... it's real fun !
anyway, we often meet at around 6pm in CR these days, so hopefully see you there later...
time for dinner here now bises :):):)
Öld ✌ ZT Öld ✌ 7 days ago (history)

You get up early !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a nice saturday
Clo ^-^ Clo ^-^ 8 days ago (history)
hello my friend. I wish you a nice year 2017 :)
♫ Corentin ♫ ♫ Corentin ♫ 11 days ago (history)
Hello, I have a question for you.
As you know well the category hits. Who has proposed the recent songs of Tragedy, Slipknot, Trey Songz, Royksopp etc... which are absolutely not Hits? I have nothing against recent songs if they are hits but these songs there not at all.

Happy new year.
Adi90 Adi90 13 days ago (history)
Hello Stacy.

Happy New Year too ! :-)
Thank you very much for your message.

In fact, I'm not sure too. Indeed, we played together in "Classic Rock" once but I was totally lost. I don't know why I wandered here: it was a disaster for me. Lol
About the category "Hits", it is true that I don't play often here because for me, the category still needs to be cleaned and I would like to play in many categories but I miss time and I need to choose but in the future, I will try to play more in "Hits".
Hope to see you there so.
I allow myself to add you as friend to see where you play. ;-)

See you another time. Take care.
_ELo_ _ELo_ 14 days ago (history)
Thanks Stacy :)
I'll answer you in FB.
See you soon
Ch'tite Lolo ChtiCo Ch'tite Lolo 14 days ago (history)
Hello Stacy !!

Happy new year !! :)
Belette ☼ Belette ☼ 15 days ago (history)
Hello Stacy,

I really did enjoy your company tonight, (well the evening I guess from your side), it was a long time we didn't play that much together :) Cool sessions, really .

Oh, and a verry soulfull happy new year too ;) take care

See you !