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Stacy ≧◔◡◔≦

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a woman, United States
"She had the face of an angel Smiling with sin A body of Venus with arms"
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MJᴸᴳ FRDS MJᴸᴳ about 2 hours ago (history)
oops favoRITE too :D
MJᴸᴳ FRDS MJᴸᴳ about 2 hours ago (history)


= I like the idea



I laughed out loud :D

MJᴸᴳ FRDS MJᴸᴳ about 3 hours ago (history)
♥ I was about to leave, then I saw you, so I played one... I'm hungrrrrrrrrrrry :)

Belette ☼ Belette ☼ 3 days ago (history)
Hi Stacy,

I hadn't read your post before I wrote mine yesterday. Then yes, severe sound issues, that was terrible really.. Today was much better, only some few sound delay, which is cool !
The only thing I had to do was focusing on typing well but I managed to mess up sometimes anyway !
I had the same problem with "lean on", Mo... I'm never gonna memorize it.. Isn't DJ snake enough ??
I was pleased to play with you like always, and congrats for your games like always as well ;) Take care, see you Stacy and have a nice week-end
Half-Welsh Half-Welsh 3 days ago (history)
Hello Stacy,

Nice run (both times), I must admit I'm a bit rusted after such a long time away ! You're still the best player around :-)

I think 3rd twice wasn't bad for me, but it'll be a long way to go back to top speed and re-learn all difficult titles.

Have a nice Week End :-)
Belette ☼ Belette ☼ 4 days ago (history)
Hello Stacy,
All my apologies but that was the 3rd bug on that game.. then I left with anger to restart everything. Then a bug again on the first song .. I only managed to make one game without any problem, it's clearly a cursed session. I give up, the server won. And sorry again, really. Good eveing if it is and hope to see you soon
Nidabulle Nidabulle 6 days ago (history)
Hey Stacy
Yes I hope that we'll can play together in country or somewhere else.
Have a nice day my friend
Belette ☼ Belette ☼ 6 days ago (history)
Oww thank you, that is really nice to hear, well.. to read, well I've already told you I could play ages before I get as comfortable as you are with the playlist, and I still mean it ! You clearly have much more bases, especially in rock :o you're the greatest on that, and on much more. Then i'm flatted to be a challenge, SOMETIMES ;) I bugged at the first song, couldn't hear a thing.. I'll try to come back, hope you'll still be there :)
Belette ☼ Belette ☼ 6 days ago (history)
Lol we both know that was not that tight ;) I was far far (...) far far behind, but thank you for being gentle ^^ see you Stacy

_ELo_ _ELo_ 7 days ago (history)
Thanks too Stacy for these games ! :)
Good night and see you soon :)
Neil  Neil  8 days ago (history)
Hey Stacy,

Thanks for the holiday wishes. I am sure you think I am a shit! I wouldn't blame you! Sending BIG apologies. Seriously, I was out of line and I admit it. My fingers and mind working together in harmony creates lots of animosity. Anyway, I am sorry. Kind of surprised still.

I see some things on this site never change which is a big disappointment. One can hope for better things but undoubtedly they will never come to pass. I'm too much of an optimist I guess. Take care.
Belette ☼ Belette ☼ 8 days ago (history)
Hello Stacy,

I hope you are well, sorry for the leave on the first song, I started to play instinctively...
Congratulations for your games, I was happy to share some with you, good luck for the next ones :)

Hope to see you soon, take care
Nidabulle Nidabulle 9 days ago (history)
Hi Stacy , I go to the Country category next game :)
MJᴸᴳ FRDS MJᴸᴳ 11 days ago (history)

Gert stole the cup on POLICE but gave it back so we tied... :O

Muah ♥
Adi90 Adi90 13 days ago (history)
Hi Stacy,

If you want to give your opinion about the titles in moderation in "Old Hits", don't hesitate (page 19):

See you.