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a man, Belgium
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best game 1 / 12 players | 84 points Tue Mar 07, 08pm
1500 points ( 15 games )
best game 1 / 1 players | 28 points Sun Jan 24, 12pm
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1500 points ( 1 games )
best game 1 / 1 players | -13 points Wed Oct 21, 03pm
1496 points ( 13 games )
best game 1 / 3 players | 66 points Thu Oct 13, 09pm


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Paleisje Zwijsje Paleisje Zwijsje about 1 month ago (history)
Dag Gert, tijdje geleden, goede nieuwe naam ;)
Suzie Q Suzie Q 6 months ago (history)
Hallo Gert;)
Het spijt me dat er iets ingrijpends in je leven met je gebeurt is, ik ben soms ook een beetje wantrouwing op deze site omdat er soms vreemde mensen bij zijn. Ik woon in belgiê een paar kilometer van Maastricht af.
Groetjes Suzie
Suzie Q Suzie Q 6 months ago (history)
Nee, het is alleen een beetje humor Gert, je hebt gezegd dat je een nog brutere held bent dus ik dacht teken met SuzieDenogGevaarlijkergek het gaat dus niet over jou, ik dacht datje dat zou begrijpen;)
En ik wens je ook nog een goeiendag Gert.
Suzie Q Suzie Q 6 months ago (history)
Hallo Gert,
Jammer dat je niet iets langer met mij gespeeld hebt;) SuzieDeNogGevaarlijkerGek.
Laganja ♥ Laganja ♥ 6 months ago (history)
GG :)
kokuouheika kokuouheika 6 months ago (history)
Hi GertBorreman and GG for those games :)
MJᴸᴳ FRDS MJᴸᴳ 6 months ago (history)
You're not very subtle :P
_ELo_ _ELo_ 6 months ago (history)
Well done !
See you soon :)
_ELo_ _ELo_ 6 months ago (history)
Hello Gertborreman,
It's so hard to succeed a perfect in this category I must congratulate you for your 82 points :)
Thanks for these games and see you soon.
Alici@ Alici@ 6 months ago (history)
Bravo et merci pour ces parties, tu as bien mérité ton nom !
Bonne fin de soirée :)
Stacy ≧◔◡◔≦ Stacy ≧◔◡◔≦ 7 months ago (history)
Good games! You got me twice! My connection has been wigging out lately but it let me play a few games without causing me problems. Hope you had a good weekend but notice it is well into October now, and still no word regarding the future of the site. Not sure if this is good or bad...I guess I will just try to play as long as it stays open. I hate the not knowing, though. Ok, be good and I will see you later for a rematch
ლ(╹◡╹ლ) Haha! Put up your dukes!
Put up your dukes! haha!
Paleisje Zwijsje Paleisje Zwijsje 7 months ago (history)
Goed spel, altijd spannend als je speelt! Klein foutje en we verliezen meteen :(
Alici@ Alici@ 7 months ago (history)
Sorry, have to go... see you later
Stacy ≧◔◡◔≦ Stacy ≧◔◡◔≦ 7 months ago (history)
Hey there!
You always scare me when you change your name because I want to know who this "new" player is. It takes me a couple of games playing you, to realize that it is you! Good to play you today, as it always is. There were actually some good players today, so more fun than what it has been. I am scared for the end of the month as rumor has it the site will close. I hope this is not the case, I really do. Ok, see you soon, I hope
Alici@ Alici@ 7 months ago (history)
Ce fut court mais au plaisir de te recroiser ^^