Transcript between BLACK PATTI and Guen


Do you want New Wave or do you want the truth ?

a man, 58 years old, Netherlands


LoLLi Guen

a woman, France



BLACK PATTI BLACK PATTI 5 days ago (history)
Thanks for the games girl, yeah it's all over the world, we got monsters and angels. see you, sleep well.
Guen LoLLi Guen 5 days ago (history)
Hi Patti,
Well, the games weren't easy tonight! and I still think there are some songs very awfull there -_-
Good night :)
BLACK PATTI BLACK PATTI 7 days ago (history)
Plenty, Plenty, Plenty, Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, Bye, Bye, Bye.
Guen LoLLi Guen 7 days ago (history)
I think it's time to leave... plenty of games tonight and plenty of lost games for me also ^^
Good night
Guen LoLLi Guen 8 days ago (history)
old hits after
Guen LoLLi Guen 8 days ago (history)
I stop for a few minutes after
BLACK PATTI BLACK PATTI 9 days ago (history)
hi Guen, thanks for games, sometimes it's better to stop on time.
I think i go on a bit because it's too hot to sleep. Hope you have a good night
Guen LoLLi Guen 9 days ago (history)
Hi Patti,
I stop here before we are Thursday ^^
It was short today, hope to see you more longuer another day.
Good night
BLACK PATTI BLACK PATTI 11 days ago (history)
Hi, have a good night dear lady. I had no trouble with the sound only with songs. see you and thanks.
Guen LoLLi Guen 11 days ago (history)
Hmm what an awfull game for the last one :/ hope the sound will be better and our points too a next time!
Good night :)
Guen LoLLi Guen 11 days ago (history)
Hi Patti,
We're going for only two games in Tous Genres after this one.
BLACK PATTI BLACK PATTI 12 days ago (history)
Hi Guen, have a good night, we'll meet again. bye bye
Guen LoLLi Guen 12 days ago (history)
Sorry Patti, I can't stay more today, good night
Guen LoLLi Guen 13 days ago (history)
I stopped one or two games after you anyway, it was late ... and the game was difficult tonight!
Good night, see you soon
BLACK PATTI BLACK PATTI 13 days ago (history)
I can't help it but my shoes keep walking back to you, ( hope you don't mind ) loved the games but i really must go now, thanks and see you.