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Do you want New Wave or do you want the truth ?

a man, 58 years old, Netherlands


fcb hühnchen

Keiner ist so süß wie du ♥

a woman, 40 years old, Germany

fcb hühnchen


BLACK PATTI BLACK PATTI 3 days ago (history)
Hi dear, just like what you always say, i was a little bit lucky with the games. It scares me that you're that your scared of me, what's this ? goodnight. kisses.
fcb hühnchen fcb hühnchen 3 days ago (history)
Hi dear! Good games again, you really know some quite unusual stuff and you begin to scare me (actually you already scared me before, but alright :)). See you, my dear, have a good night and some kisses
fcb hühnchen fcb hühnchen 5 days ago (history)
As I said before, no one really expects much creativity at around midnight :). The peacock on the label really is natural beauty (maybe even a bit more than a slightly overweight chicken in a bayern dress :)). Probably won’t play today either, still have some work (and housework, as we’ll have visitors the next three weekends, and I fear leaving everything the way it is won’t keep them away). Maybe I’ll play some games during the week later in the evening, when I’ll be too tired again to make something useful instead :). See you, my dear, kisses
BLACK PATTI BLACK PATTI 5 days ago (history)
Hi dear, i sure wasn't creative last night, just like you too tired, didn't even prepared a chicken song. And talking about birds, how do you like that beautiful bird on the Black Patti record-label ? It's a peacock with his tailfeathers spread out for all the world to see. It's natural beauty.
Maybe see later, not sure. Kusje
BLACK PATTI BLACK PATTI 6 days ago (history)
Good Night My Love, I'll be seeing you Kiss.
fcb hühnchen fcb hühnchen 6 days ago (history)
Hi, my dear! Good games, you know the most improbable things! I’ll stop, I’m really, really tired. Have a good night and a big kiss (PS: I like your creativity, it’s something I’m totally lacking of)
fcb hühnchen fcb hühnchen 8 days ago (history)
Hihi :)/kiss/(The best one is still to come?)
BLACK PATTI BLACK PATTI 8 days ago (history)
Hi Adorable
Hi Breathtaking
Hi Cutie pie
Hi Delicious
Hi Exiting
Hi Funky
Hi Gorgeous
Hi Inspiring
Hi Joyful
Hi Kinky
Hi Luscious
Hi Magnetic
Hi Naughty
Hi Outrageous
Hi Pretty
Hi Quicken
Hi Ravishing
Hi Sunshine
Hi Tender
Hi Unforgettable
Hi Vixen
Hi Wise
Hi X-rated
Hi Yummy
Hi Zippy

Got inspired by a little post i received.

The best one is still to come !!!!!!!!

fcb hühnchen fcb hühnchen 9 days ago (history)
Thank you, dear, already my second perfect this year, quite surprising (with the vast amount of new titles). Yes, was a bit displeased about Dan Hartman (I think I even had „Dan“), on the other hand I’ve already missed easier ones. I can well understand the importance of chicken songs for country music :), even the popularity of chicken songs in the 1920's sounds quite convincing when you say it like this :) (sounds a bit like from a book, „An illustrated history of chicken songs“). Meanwhile I have the impression that chickens are a metaphor for quite a lot of things, you’d never even think about! Kisses, dear, see you
BLACK PATTI BLACK PATTI 10 days ago (history)
Hi dear, congratulations with your perfect, a pity you stumbled over Dan Hartman, it would give you a second one. ( did you make more 84's this year ? )
I have to look into that Ry Cooder song for the words, it's a cover from the 1920's sorta early country. Chicken songs were popular i think, because they recorded a lot of them in those days.

For something completely different :

Have a good night my dear, Hushabye
fcb hühnchen fcb hühnchen 10 days ago (history)
Hi dear! Funny, I find you meanwhile even whithout knowing where you are :). Good games (I think I have to think about my strategies again).
By the way: I think kusjebye is (apart from being very sweet) much better than I what I first thought your message meant :) (by the way I’m often busy interpreting these days, as most of your comments have three or four meanings – and most of the time I’m wrong :)). Funny, I think I’ve found the Ry Cooder in the game mainly because of the chicken song! By the way I’m still thinking about the meaning of the lyrics (probably it’s eating chicken, but you never know … :). Lots of kisses, love, see you
BLACK PATTI BLACK PATTI 11 days ago (history)
Hi love, thanks for being with me tonight. Wire did a good show, they did a lot of recent stuff and only a few oldies. I really dig their old work, the songs they play in NW.

C.S. :

The last time i finished my com. with kusje bye. A few seconds after i posted it, i realised it sounds the same as an old teen-pop song from the 1950's. It's one i like. Here it is especially for you my darling, sleep well.
fcb hühnchen fcb hühnchen 11 days ago (history)
Ah, interesting! :) Hi dear! With or without chicken, I come to appreciate Wire more and more these days. I think they have some pretty elaborate lyrics. How was it then? Nice to play together (and good games). Not too much time at the moment, so only a short stay around. Kisses, see you, dear
fcb hühnchen fcb hühnchen 12 days ago (history)
Don’t worry love, you won’t get rid of me :P. Kusje, see you soon
BLACK PATTI BLACK PATTI 13 days ago (history)
Hi love, thanks for all the games. Will keep it short this time.
I've seen Wire this week, so here is "Chicken wire" and for a change it's a serious song, deadly serious.

Have a good night and keep up the good work, kusje bye