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Do you want New Wave or do you want the truth ?

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poys poys 7 days ago (history)
Hi !
Good games ! Playing in Old Hits with you always give me the feeling of being steamrolled ^^
But I really enjoyed these games here with you (if only there were not so much of these ugly songs by the Bee Gees...).
Good night, see you.

BLACK PATTI BLACK PATTI 7 days ago (history)
Plenty, Thanks, Bye.
BLACK PATTI BLACK PATTI 8 days ago (history)
Hi poys, thank you very much for posting the Anne Briggs song, it must have been that one, yes. The bonus by Loreena is lovely too, i do like "old ways". I don't mind the French songs, i play these games for entertainment ( and learn something along the way ) and maybe a little fun, not for points or rankings. But when i play, i always play to win.
Here's a folk song for you :

We will meet again, bye
poys poys 9 days ago (history)
Hi !
As far as I can remember, it was this one :

And as I didn't know this song in particular, I guess she told it, or something like that that got accepted by any luck ^^

Don't know if you like irish folk music, but in case, I personally love this one :

I'm really sorry for the short games, too much bugs.
And yes, that is not easy for you with french songs in Tous Genres, but you seem to know some of them :-)
Good night.

BLACK PATTI BLACK PATTI 9 days ago (history)
Hi, Question : a couple of days ago they played a song by Anne Briggs, you knew the answer. Can you recall the title of that one ?( it was the last in a game ). I thought it was beautiful .
good night.
BLACK PATTI BLACK PATTI 10 days ago (history)
Hi, like always, nice games with you. Strangely i knew the Ives, or better i guessed it. It was around earlier, so i remembered that but i must confess that i first typed Debussy. Lucky shot. Maybe next time i get the tittle. I was lucky with that game i usually score negative points. good night
poys poys 10 days ago (history)
Good games as usual. Did you really know this Ives or was this just a mistyping ? You blew me away on that one !
Would have stay longer to play with you, but my brain tends to disconnect with all these short nights.
Good night.
See you.
poys poys 11 days ago (history)
Thank you, keep on being the king of new wave :-)
See you.
BLACK PATTI BLACK PATTI 11 days ago (history)
Thanks, keep pumping, o.y.s. see ya
poys poys 13 days ago (history)
thank for these games. And you're right, it'a bit late, hope you won't be too tired tomorrow at work.
Good night.
BLACK PATTI BLACK PATTI 13 days ago (history)
Thanks, i'd liked to stay longer but i've got to work tomorrow. bye bye.
poys poys 16 days ago (history)
Hi !
A competition ? um... :/ Thanks for these games and congrats, you were far above, as usual.
Here is the answer to your question : ;-)

Good night, see you.
poys poys 21 days ago (history)
Hi !
Thanks for these games, and a big bravo for the games in Old Hits, you were very impressive.
Good night, see you.
poys poys 24 days ago (history)
Yeah, it was about your's and FCB's. But as far all his ramblings are full of bullshit and reveal a permanent drunkenness (too much cheap wine ^^), nobody cares.
poys poys 25 days ago (history)

I've just read your post on the forum. It seems that someone thought it would be hilarious to "borrow" your name (by using a small L instead of the capital letter I at the end of Patti) and spread always the same asshole comments.

Concerning the thread itself, Celine (the new webmaster) explained that they will probably rebuild the website from scratch, given that they are unable to develop it (because of outdated programming tools).
Though, they have not begun to do it yet, because of a copyright infringement under french law, and have to negotiate the amount of fees they should pay everytime a musical extract is used here (see SACEM).

Hope it is clear.
See you.